Flame Kissed 3 Ingredient Tilapia

Don’t you love spur of the moment shindigs? Especially ones that involve giant bonfires on the beach? I do, that’s for sure!

Flame Kissed 3 Ingredient Tilapia ~ www.onefineshindig.com


So a friend of mine from high school came for a visit and since she lives in a state far from the beach, we just had to go for a visit. Reminiscent to our teen years, over a dozen old friends, new friends and family headed down to claim a fire pit. If you know anything about Huntington Beach fire pits, it can be a challenge to get one any day of the week. Thankfully Chandra was free to head down early and stake out the perfect spot.

Flame Kissed 3 Ingredient Tilapia ~ www.onefineshindig.com

We got the fire going early so right as the sun started to set we were ready to start cooking. Of course we have professional tools to move the fire around so we can access the best of the coals. (Of course, I say “professional” with a touch of sarcasm. Yes, that is a garden rake…) Leave it up to the men to bring any items they can find in order to play with the fire.


Everyone had brought their own meals and most were foil packets filled with all kinds of goodies that we tossed right on top of the coals. I love cooking like that since it’s so simple. Toss all the ingredients in a foil pack, seal, cook on top of coals, then eat!

Flame Kissed 3 Ingredient Tilapia ~ www.onefineshindig.com

On top of the easy cooking method, this recipe is three ingredients! Yes, three!! Amazing, I know. The first ingredient is fish fillets. I used tilapia but honestly any mild white fish would work great. I also cheated and used frozen fillets. They actually worked perfectly and I would definitely use them again.

Flame Kissed 3 Ingredient Tilapia ~ www.onefineshindig.com

The second ingredient is salsa. Ok, I have used plain old pico de gallo before but this time I used a chipotle salsa that gave a great smokey flavor to the fish. And third ingredient? Cheese. Because not everything needed to be healthy. The cheese adds a great creamy texture to the dish and goes super well with the secret, optional fourth ingredient.

Flame Kissed 3 Ingredient Tilapia ~ www.onefineshindig.com

Um, I said optional! It is the perfect finish to this dish. Are you ready? So imagine pulling these flaming hot packets of foil out of a scorching hot pit of fire – without burning your eyebrows off – and plopping them down on a plate. When you can breathe again, tear open the top of the foil releasing the amazing smells that have been trapped inside. Am I crazy if all I hear in my head as I typed that sentence is little voices saying “let me out, let me out!”? Maybe I shouldn’t be writing that publicly.

Moving on… ah yes, open the packet, release the smells and eat. But wait! Do not pick up a fork! Better option are tortilla chips! The flaky white fish just scoops right into the chips and becomes like a fish nacho of sorts. Trust me, take your fish down to the beach, or lake, or river, or puddle and give it a shot!

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  1. What a fun idea! Definitely need to try this, even in a backyard fire pit!

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